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Saturday, February 18, 2006

I've created a class forums now so instead of straining yourself trying to post here, just go to the URL and join! Easy as that. Don't forget to give yourself a signature, avatar, and fun-profile. Here's the link. Join today! :

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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Just wanted to put my Christmas poem I wrote on here for you all to enjoy. It's kind of like that famous one. Maybe it will be famous none day.

My Christmas Poem
With a flash of red and a dart of white.
I saw old Saint Nicholas dart out of sight.
He went up through the chimney, quick as a flash,
He was in a such hurry, a mad little dash.
Then I looked at the tree to see what he had brought,
While dreaming of presents, came a wry little thought.
Then I noticed the stockings were filled to the top.
The milk and cookies were gone, even to the last drop.
I ran to the window, just in time for a show.
As he waved his plump hand, it started to snow!
I watched in amazement from the cold windowsill.
I then grabbed my thick coat, as I was catching a chill.
As I scurried outside and waved him good-bye,
I swear I saw a wink in his wee little eye.
Then just as he was leaving, I heard faint sound,
I turned around slowly and looked at the ground.
Surprised I was to see such a sight.
For it was a present, wrapped up all tight.
I looked at the tag with absolute glee,
For in gold letters I found that it was for me!
I opened the package and the bow I untied,
And I looked into the box to see what was inside.
Then a smile spread far across my face,
For inside it's contents were but empty space.
I had heard of the stories and knew they were true:
The present was invisible, but the prize was in view.
I knew that what was inside had came from above,
For the present I got was a cool thing called 'love.'
Finally I went in the house and latched up the door.
From the bedrooms around me I could heard loud snore.
Then I crept back in my bed since no was else was awake.
With all of this excitement I needed a break.
I knew that because of tonight I would always remember,
The best night I ever had, on the twenty-fifth of December


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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Hello! I'm sure that you, like me, feel very bogged down with homework. Writing topics, study guides, take home tests, worksheets, and all of that other useless junk that we probably won't remember anyway. Well, I know I feel overloaded! We all deserve a break! That Christmas vacation just can't come soon enough. Of course as soon as it's over we have midterms. Makes you afraid to hear the word "Final." If midterms are this bad I wonder what finals will be like! I have one study guide done (English-it's really easy) and I'm almost done with math. Other than that I still have the other 2 left. I decided that I will work for short periods (15-30 minutes) and have a break in between. This will create less frustration. Now I just have to stop procrastinating! Since I'm going to Florida I have to lug all of those books on the plane! I will miss school on the 3rd and maybe the 4th (since the plane arrives at 1:40 on the 3rd)! I hope I won't miss the play! I will pray that all of you have a safe and fun vacation! Peace!- *.*Morgan*.* ^_^

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Saturday, November 26, 2005

I hope everybody had a good Thanksgiving. I know I did. I almost fell asleep talking to the relatives though. (I know my parents did. LOL) I started writing for this fan fictions site. Actually an Eragon Fan fiction site. I have 3 new stories on it that I have spent hours on. It's a nice break from my usual novels. Right now I'm having a debate with my mom and which school to go to. I want to go to Mercy but she would rather I went to boring Ladywood. If they mess up with the lunches we could have a lunch boycott where everyone stops buying lunches. Just an idea. Peace! <3 *.*Morgan*.*

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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Hey everyone,
            Whats up? I am sure we are all ready for the holiday, and I am sure we are all going to be eating some good food or doing something fun because i sure am. I cant wait!  I know alot of us are happy that WINTER  is coming or you are happy that your birthday's are coming up. I know you are excited and so am I, as long as i am invited. I hope everyone is sending this site aropund we really want everyone to get but if in case we dont i will see if i can type it on some paper and give those to people but that wont be till probley the end of the year. Well i just wanted to say Happy Turckey Day to everyone and i will get back to yall l8er.

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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Thanks Alexis for the blog skin idea's. I was searching for hours looking for one and had no idea what to choose. Voting also is a good idea. Anyone can add there sites to the side if you know how to or just ask me to and I'll do it if you're not good at HTML and stuff. I like the first one, the purple one. Another Idea I found is: People can just put their votes in their posts but we should wait until more people find the blog first. I hope that everyone is forwarding this to everyone else or telling them about it so no one is left out of this. I just wish i thought of it earlier. *_*Morgan*_*

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This is a pretty sweet idea, I never would have thought of it but yeah it's great. How is everyone? Right now I'm excited because tonight, i think, I'll be at the CC-Mercy game and then I'm going to the moveis and then dinner. WOOHOO! Good mood 2day. How bout you? And by the way I have some ideas for the template, there is this great site called and they have like any kind of template you can imagine, so here are some links to ones I like. Maybe we could have a vote! Oh isn't that a sweet idea? (A little hyper now, been eating my Halloween candy lol). But I think yeah, we should have a vote on which skin to use, if anyone thinks that's a good idea. Hm? But anyway this is fun and if y'all like the skins at these links then I can post em cos I'm good with html even though I don't know how to make it. K?

By the way if there's things you don't like about these like the words and stuff then they can be changed. For example, on the navigation for the first link skin, it has X's. I can change that. It's not hard. So please everyone look at these and tell me what you think!

Remember these are examples so they come with fake entries that are just examples. So please look and tell me ur opinion! I am so feel free to tell me.

Morgan hi! Awesome idea!


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Friday, November 11, 2005

Hola Everbody,
Just missed most of the week but I'm doing okay here. I should be back on Monday. I happy to see that there is some posts already. I'm working on the template and I asked that no one tries to change it because they are a lot of work trying to put together. If you can send the link to whoever you know in the class that would be great because I don't have everyone's screen name. Hopefully throught the year I can get the blog to look better. Maybe we can post up pictures of our trip to Chicago and Cedar Point at the end of the year too. If anybody else has any idea then post them up here.
-Peace <3 Morgan

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